Avid is a little gallery in the North Park area of Evansville, IN packed with creations from local and national artists recongized for being amazing at what they do. The creators are from all catagories that include Painters, Sculptures, Toy Makers, Photographers, Graphic Designers and any one else that has a creative mind and the heart to back it up.


We have a strict "Original Art Only" policy that makes artists reach beyond the normal visuals that we are all already familiar with. We encourage the weird and abnormal pieces of artwork to ensure a truly one of a kind gallery. Our main goal is to make you fall in love with a piece of art and introduce you to new artists.

All of the artist creations that we display are from one of a kind people that truly care about their craft. We would love to see your creations and what you can come up with. Please send us a message (Contact Tab Above) or stop by the gallery during normal business hours and we would love to chat with you and possibly get your art displayed.

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