King of Creations


King of creations is a quarterly event we are holding to encourage creators to

try their best to win the top spot. Each event will have a theme that will be done on a specific canvas. Artist will have a month to come up with their creations

that will be publicly voted on via our website or in the gallery.

Cash prizes, sponsor prizes and awards will be given out for the top 3 pieces.

Good luck to you all!  


1st Place

-Gold King Medallion

-$100 Cash Prize

-Sponsorship Door Prize

2nd Place

-Silver King Medallion

-$50 Cash Prize

-Sponsorship Door Prize

3rd Place

-Bronze King Medallion

-$25 Cash Prize

-Sponsorship Door Prize

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The Rules

Submission dates are

Open Now to October 14th @ 8pm

Voting dates at

October 15th @1pm to October 21st @ 8pm


Winners will be announced

October 22nd @1pm


-$5.00 submission Fee Due when you submit

-All Masks must be wearable

-Submit at Avid Art Gallery-